Off the back of doing the Inktober challenge I wanted to set myself a new goal to work towards. My commute to work each day allowed me a nice 30 minute drawing slot on the train. Having also started getting really bored of the books my boy was bringing hme to aid learning letters I decided to do my own alphabet!

"A is for Apple, a, a, a."

My concept was simple, although as it turned out a bit harder once I started getting to the more niche letters. Pair an animal with an unlikely situation or item. I started with "B for Bear" as I had been playing around with some bear sketches for some screen prints anyway.

This project is actually turning out to be quite a slow burner as I want a better final outcome. Perhaps I could turn it into an actual book or maybe a set of prints.

The Alphabet according to Sush

Here are a few of the final concepts, you can see them all on my Instagram feed.