bitsMy name is Sush and I am a hoarder... There I said it!

People say a tidy desk tidy mind and the like and as much as I try to adhere to this tidy and clean way of existing I can't help stashing bits and bobs that seem like they might be useful in the future.

Don't get me wrong I'm not like a person you would see on the telly living in filth with 3feet of rubbish everywhere but as a designer I have a habit of keeping pictures, magazines and images in a badly organised fashion. I also love gadgets and so there are countless old phones, hard drives and pc/mac bits and bobs like an elephants graveyard.

So today I was so pleased that for once my stashing and hoarding turned up trumps.

I arrived into work to a "no wireless connection" icon, no network, no interweb... things were not looking good. So began some rudimentary bug chasing to try and find out what the problem was.

Finally after some messing around I determined that the switch that ties the wireless box, load balancer and servers together was not working. I was just about to set off to PC World to find a replacement when I thought... "my Aladdins cave of wires!". A quick rummage round and I found a power adaptor from a long since redundant switch which by chance fitted and suddenly everything was alright with the world again.

For a change instead of feeling guilty about my stash I now feel vindicated! :)