Last weekend I did my first Parkrun. The idea had been buzzing round my head for much of 2013, along with a few other things that never quite materialised. A new year gave me the added incentive to sort myself out and work back up to fitness.


I decided that although I could probably get round the run ok, the fact that I had enjoyed a few too many mince pies and the like over Christmas meant I should probably ease myself in. Thankfully my mother in law had got me a copy of Men's Health (what is she trying to say!) which had a couch to 5k  plan I could use.

After some initial achey knees I was soon back into the flow of things and decided to do the run early, largely due to a friend agreeing to do it too which meant there was no way I could pull out.

Saturday brought with it drizzly rain but undaunted we lined up with getting on for 500 other people at Cannon Hill Park.

It was all over in a blink of an eye, and was great fun! I didn't mind the kids flying past me as despite there being so many of us we were all racing with the clock.

There's no need for Mo Farrah to worry but a time of 29.04 was the fastest I have done which has set the bar well for future weekends!

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