On the 18th July I attended an excellent all day conference in Cardiff about ‘The Business of Web Design’ arranged by Joel Hughes (of  Port80 fame). The day had a full on schedule of speakers  that covered all topics from going freelance to enhancing profitably and education clients to say the word we only want to hear – ‘Yes’.


There were some excellent snippets about working on the relationships with your clients and how the size of your agency really does not matter, its the work you produce that is key to your success and how good marketing can really enhance your company.  The conference really hit on a few key points and I have come away with some great ideas for the future.

Here’s the twitter roundup feed from the day https://storify.com/imaginateonline/the-business-of-web-design and also some winning selfies that we were awarded with a bespoke magazine for.

Bring on the next one!