Life has been pretty hectic in the last 12 months and as such my personal blog had fallen into dis-repair and I have not written much at all. With the turn of the year looming I decided it was time to get things up and running again.


In my day job we develop Wordpress Themes, custom cms's and all sorts of other digital solutions. I didn't really want to have the faff of databases and the extra baggage that this sort of website contains and so I started looking at alternatives.

I remembered looking at Jekyll ages ago and decided it might be a great solution to get my blog up and running again, the fact that it meant I got to play with a new set of skills and principles was just a bonus!

Getting things going was really quick and easy, a few Terminal commands and I had a basic site set up. Now it was time to try and pull the basics together so I could get an initial version of a website up and running.

Getting the posts from my old WordPress site was remarkably easy, although I will need to revisit them and make a few updates here and there. All in all for a few hours work I am really pleased and love the fact that everything is so simple and doesn't need any special server set ups. It's going to be great fun developing the site over 2016 and focusing on words and images too!