I have written posts in the past about lack of time or struggling to get enough time to do things.. #

Here i am again, although this time it is more the acceptance that there is actually time you can get back in your day if you take a moment to have a good look at how you spend your time.

The boy

A secret to being more productive is to do less of the things that do not contribute towards the end goal you have in mind. Breaking the shackles of checking social media is an obvious one, it can become a go to reaction to pick up your mobile and refresh Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This can also break your concentration when you are doing something too.

Turn off your TV and go and do something less boring instead #

The TV is a time drain in our house. I notice it with the kids as well as me. If it doesn't go on they will end up playing some cool imaginary battle, using the bookshelf as a den whereas if they get set in front of the TV then endless episodes on Cartoon Network follow.

Once you have noted the things that are really just a drain on you then try and create a morning routine. If you can include exercise at this point it will really set you up for the day and get your brain firing.

Focus on the task in hand, don't be lulled into context switching as you will end up getting less done. It can be good to try and limit your email usage as more often than not you will suddenly realise you have started an amend or task for someone else rather than finishing what you were doing.

No zero days #

Finally, and possibly the best bit of advice I have picked up is no zero days, this has two benefits.

Firstly you are always progressing, 1 minute of a project is better than nothing and it gets you that little bit closer to achieving your goals. Secondly you are going to get better at whatever you are doing, the repetition and habits that form will really help in those dark days when you are unsure or lacking motivation.

In conclusion #

  • Limit your use of Social Media
  • Turn OFF the TV
  • Check email at set times
  • NO Zero Days