Having followed Sally Lait's World Cup Dinners for a couple of tournaments, I decided to have a go this year to add some fun to the football and our meal choices! #

I can't decide how I am going to document things so for now, I am keeping the first few days here.


Day 1 for my was actually Day 2 but hey shhhh.. :)

Day 1 - IRAN #

A little searching brought up Khoresh Bademjan, but the recipe used Sour grapes which I could not find. Thankfully some more searching showed that you can substitute with unripe gooseberries which I could get.


This is a beef and aubergine stew essentially and I followed this recipe.

Day 2 - FRANCE #

It had been a busy day and there was arguments about what we were having for dinner anyway. Decided to go safe so we chose chicken chasseur. It is years since I have had it and it hit the spot! I think this one will be returning to the family meal list.



Sunday dinner was not going to be missed, so we decided on a pudding instead.. Swiss meringues. Biggest fail ever, me and Meg making an absolute hash of it all and ending up with a sticky, gooey, tasty mess that wasn't really close to what it should have been.


Day 4 - TUNISIA #

We do a slightly lax 5:2 eating regime in our house so Monday was just a light supper... best find so far! Shaksuka is kind of like baked eggs in a tomato and pepper base.


Day 5 - EGYPT #

I seem to be in the habit of cursing the team I pick in this fun game, Egypt played poorly but this recipe with courgettes and a dukkah sprinkle was really interesting and also vegan if that's your thing.


Day 6 - SPAIN #

The pressure of new meals was getting to me a bit so took an easy option of Paella. What's not to like.. rice, sea food ooh and some chorizo :P


Day 7 - PERU #

Back to a semi fast day, so although Tacu Tacu is often used as a side with a meat main I thought we should try it having never eaten Plantain. What a revelation, fried plantain was much more like potato than I expected. The hot sauce and chilli made this one that the kids were reluctant to get involved with. :)

Apparently this is a good hangover meal too, though I could imagine it partnering with a crisp IPA myself.


And so ends Week 1 of the World Cup, some great games, and England victory and some lovely new additions to our family recipes. Let's hope for more of the same next week!

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