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On a weak note

I gave it a go, and to start with it seemed really useful, a highish level diary to note things that happened day to day. #

However, the habit hasn’t stuck for a number of reasons and so I have decided to stop doing week notes in order to focus my efforts on writing more useful posts.

The main reasons I struggled with them was that I tended to write them at the end of the week, and by then it was my ‘remembering self’ writing not my ‘experience self’. This meant nearly all my week notes ended up having a similar week status and felt generally sanitised.

It reminded me of doing timesheets retroactively - one of the most pointless tasks really and as I hated those my love for writing the notes waned also.

It is great to see the likes of Dave Ruperts, week notes with real relevance to others and more of a structure (Read, Watch, Listen) but in reality I don’t have the time nor the rich array of content in a given week!

So, for now at least I will chalk this down as tried but didn’t work and continue to try and document the right stuff that happens as I am sure the little work arounds, discoveries and breakthroughs I have building websites will be better if only to refer to when I encounter a problem in the future.