Those who know me will be fully aware that I have a 'thing' for notepads. Moleskin, Rhodia, you name it if it has a nice texture and even better it is dot grid I AM IN! :) #

My use of notepads however is a bit lame. I tend to write linear notes during the day that have little to no value 24hours after writing them so, despite continuing to do this I have always tried to use digital tools to manage my 'to do' lists properly.

I was put on to the idea of Bullet Journaling running up to Christmas and a few YouTube videos later my eyes were opened to a whole world of epic journalling.

You can get pretty into Journalling #

So if I had a huge amount of spare time I could imagine me spending hours creating elaborate journal layouts and tracking all sorts of things but I have way too many interests and kids and all that goes with it so I have tried to take enough of the basics to get me by and aim to get some consistency... the elaborate month pages can come later!

A quick Pinterest search - lot's of inspiration

What I did #

The most basic principles are to use an index, a month page to list important things and tasks to be done and then a weekly page that deals with the tasks themselves. You use symbols to signify the type of note, be it a task, event or birthday and then cross them off once complete or move them over to the next day or week if they are postponed.

A simple month list to mark important dates
A simple month list to mark important dates

What I think #

Interestingly it is the act of slowing things down and committing to a medium without an "Undo" shortcut that I think is helping me to manage things better. I take a little time on a Sunday afternoon to draw out the coming week, transfer and cross out tasks and check other sources such as the family calendar for any sneaky events.

Trello and the like offer so much functionality that should make managing my tasks a breeze - but the fact it is so instant means thing get forgotten or put off and suddenly another board is condemned to the Trello graveyard of ignored boards.

Either way I have managed to stay on top fo things for the first two months of the year... will I be doing a Bullet Journal update in December? **I hope so. **