Hmm been here before.. #

Therein followed a worrying passage of time and it looked like I might be twiddling my thumbs for a while. However with the need to school the kids and run the gauntlet to compete for the lone tins of tomatoes - the lack of work almost felt like a blessing.. I say almost as the weight began to build thinking about a mortgage that needed paying.

Gotta keep hunting #

Thankfully a chance conversation turned into putting a quote together and suddenly there was a need to keep the family safe, educate 2 kids AND run my small business. Now I am not complaining, I have friends who have been ruined by Covid-19 from a work perspective, nevermind others struck down with the virus itself, but when the talk in the media is about how to cope with all this spare time - it is not something I can relate to very easily.

So sadly I haven't had a chance to learn a new hobby, programming language or become a sourdough pro (though I did once muck around with baking).

A Ray of Hope #

We are now halfway through the year, and I am trying hard to focus on where I need to be in work and plan how to get through to the end of the year even though that isn’t an end point as such. Things appear to be easing off and the death toll is dropping despite our governments approach to it, we just have to keep helping one another and doing all we can.

We are in an unprecedented situation, and will likely be living with the virus and its associated ramifications for a long time to come.

Stay safe out there and look out for one another! #