So, after a bit of a flop in 2023 with just one book under my belt (thanks, Goodreads for the reminder!), it turns out finishing this book early in the year might just give me a leg up on beating that record.

Alas, the start of the year also begins with a somewhat disheartening revelation. A focused contemplation on the pervasive influence of capitalism and a handful of major corporations reveals the extent to which they shape our lifestyle choices, impacting our collective health and well-being.

After doing a quick breakdown of our family meals - we are creatures of habit, we are actually pretty good really. We make our own meals mostly from scratch but there are still quite a few areas that we should probably look at.

The book, in essence, serves as an exposé, shedding light on the pervasive trend where the consumption of increasingly artificial 'food' is driven more by corporate profit motives than the inherent benefits to human health. It’s not a guide on how to eat better; it's more like a wake-up call to how we're wired to chow down on more and more 'food' that's getting less and less real, all for the sake of shareholder profits, not so much for our own well-being.

Well worth a read, but be prepared to come out the other side with a different view on some of your favourite little treats... no more Pringles for me! :(