I picked up this book off the back of seeing a new Dystopian book club starting up in neighbouring Stirchley. Good ol Amazon got my impulse purchase to me within 24hours.

Well that ended quickly #

I had never heard of novella see so was expecting a few days gripped in a bleak post apocalyptic world... I actually read it in an evening at just over 100pages. That doesn't take away from it though, it was most suitably bleak and kept my attention.

What is it about #

The book revolves around a luxury coastal hotel where the rich guests are survivors after some sort of disaster. They have all the luxury and service whilst the unknown is going on outside the guarded walls.

As expected they start to have problems, the management restricting information and injured strangers bring fear and potential contamination.

As the numbers of survivors finding the hotel increases they need to make some stark choices.

What I thought #

I won't lie I am not a big fan of fiction for some reason... I tend to gravitate to fact books, however dark dystopian novels are an exception and this was a lovely little read, gripping, bleak and really well written!