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Managing studio resources is challenging due to the dynamic nature of creative projects. The need for someone who can easily fit into the process is crucial for optimising resource allocation and ensuring efficiency. Imagine having a temporary team member who could quickly get up to speed with your studio operations, minimise disruption and boost productivity.

That sounds a bit far fetched!

o.k. so it isn't always going to be the case - but over the last five years as a freelancer, I've often been an extra resource for companies. I take the time to understand how they work, ensuring my work is something they can use in the future, just like if a full-time staff member had done it.

How I like to work on projects

My working arrangements are usually pretty bespoke from client to client. I really do my best to adapt to both your processes and coding style. Combined with years spent managing projects and teams it means I am used to working in a variety of ways!

  • Monthly Billing

    If you have an extended amount of work to complete I tend to offer some initial hours at a discount rate to allow me time to learn your processes - we can also negotioate the day rate based on the amount of work that needs to be completed. I log the time using your tool of choice - ideally working off estimates that have been agreed with your intenral team and then just bill for the hours each month till we are done.

  • Fixed price Jobs

    Some companies prefer to just ask me to price jobs as a whole be it websites, html emails or design briefs. I then just follow my usual freelance process which is 50% upfront to initiate the project and 50% on delivery.

  • Mini Retainer

    If you want to ring fence a regular amount of time - that is great, just bear in mind you can't not use it and keep rolling the time over! This option is great if you have some regular things that need doing that would just be easier if you could pass it to a designer/developer.

What about speaking to clients and so on?

I am happy to be an invisible force helping you - or (as sometimes happens once I have been working with you for a while) a more integral member, replying to clients on tickets directly. This is totally up to you but I have years of agency experience so won't embaress you!

Things that give Project Managers and decision makers stress...

If any of the following situations seems familiar and you would like some help then let me know!

  • We have a backlog of client projects to get out and our clients are getting restless

    You might have a few months work, but not enough to employ a new member of staff, I can bridge the gap in those busy times.

  • Everyone seems to have holiday booked, how will we get this project finished?

    I am always happy to drop into an existing project and help a team over the line.

  • This project is not a high priority for us so it keeps getting pushed down the list

    When studios take on smaller jobs, sometimes they become a problem as bigger clients divert attention. I can work to fixed price estimates meaning you can make sure those little projects don't become a painful situation.

  • Our client has had an accessibility review and we have a bunch of things to resolve.

    Another task that can get bumped around the team as let's be honest starting a brand new project is the most fun thing... Fear not! I really enjoy revisiting existing sites to execute advisory tickets and provide a more accessibile experience for users.

"Sush has been working with us to provide freelance frontend development support since the start of 2023.

Although Sush is a highly qualified developer in his own right, he recognised the value in investing upfront time to get to know our team and learn our coding practices (even the bits that live in peoples heads!)

This has meant that he has been able to deliver high quality work that meets our quality standards, in a fairly self-sufficient way. Along with his personable manner, and his history in project management - therefore an awareness of the wider context, Sush is a real joy to work with."

Tara Buckley - Substrakt