Surely I can’t be the only one… you read a bit about Getting Things Done (GTD) and think “Yeah this is exactly what I need.. I will be so efficient and organised!”

Then a lack of time (or dedication)  and a serial app trying addiction means you use a written list one day and before you know it your app of choice is a pile of non actioned items and is more hindrance than a help. Then you see someone singing the praises of another simpler app.. “This is it!!” you think and once again you lapse and don’t stay on top of things and another app bites the dust.

I have decided to take the power back though and think I have devised a workable plan that I can stick to, once I have performed a spring clean of my chosen apps that is.

So, in a nutshell I think and Evernote can cover all my needs and so I am going to drop the others and try and focus on using these 2 well.

Evernote will house my links, blog ideas and documents and will just take care of my day to day action list.

I think my biggest problem is managing to keep to my plan. If anyone has any great suggestions* as how to do this please let me know!

* I may have neglected to finish reading GTD so  the answer may well be sitting waiting for me to read!  :)