How hard is it to keep up with everything, it's like an ever advancing wave!

Riding the Wave

I know we should be totally used to this if like me you have worked in the web industries for a good few years but everything seems to be going at such a pace right now.

Perhaps it is just the effect of some of the "founders" of the modern web talking about how it is so much more involved now and almost impossible to be a generalist in the web.

I want to be a unicorn!

I still fully believe you can be an all round web designer in the current enviroment, you just need to dip into everything but focus on the important stuff.

I am sure we all have an inbuilt limiter which means at any given time something is missing out as focus is elsewhere. If a work deadline comes up then maybe my personal project might have to go on hold or using your downtime to catch up on new technologies is the next to suffer. It is like permanent plate spinning.

You could easily let this get you down, but I have found of late it is easier to deal with if you accept that not everything is going to get done in the time frame you envisage. This may seem like a very obvious statement and, I guess it is but I and a lot of other people I know continue to swim against the flow and end up getting less and less out of all the things they are trying to achieve.

It isimportant to remind yourself that you dont need to know everything at any given time, by the very nature of our jobs we are always honing our learnng skills and so when that next important tech come knocking you will be able to get up to speed in no time.